I'm checking in here - for you, reader - but mostly for myself. As typical to my nature, I've built my website to do many things at once - provide me with a platform to share my art: my photography and my video work - to give me an excuse or better yet, reason to write and stay inquisitive - and to be a place to connect with other like minded friends. My hope is that this site personifies both me as an artist, as well as a professional in the field of digital media. It is part portfolio, part resume and part experiment. My website is like me - eclectic, inconsistent, subtle, eager (feel free to add!) I'm figuring it out as I go along; thus, as the digital representation of myself, it is apt.

I rarely have a shortage of photos to share and sitting down to edit them sends me to my favorite place - my light, airy and timeless visual world. Yet, my mind is also extremely inquisitive and I love to break down the layers of our culture and go deep into the materials of it's construction. As my tendency is to float - it takes more effort to power my energy downwards and materialize words into sentences and soft ideas into hard enough points. Yet, my hope is to write on this blog more often, to continue to explore with you the endlessly fascinatingly creative world in which we live. Feel free to pester me - I respond pretty well to nagging.