5/5 Day 9

Day 9

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If I’m supposed to just spend five minutes writing, I’ve not been following directions. But that’s nothing new. I prefer to do things that don’t involve reading or following directions – that’s the reason that I don’t bake much – too many rules that are actually there for a reason. I prefer rules that are meant to be broken. Flexibility fits me much better.

A while ago I read the book “How We Decide” by Jonah Lehrer (I know, I know, but I enjoyed it;)  he explained that the frontal cortex (or some more accurate scientific name/brain part – I’d look it up – but I only have five minutes to write this – yes – convenient rule following going on here – aka – sleepiness/laziness) does all the work when making decisions. I was struck by the notion of how much time we spend making decisions – or rather – how much time I spend making decisions. With flexibility comes many, many decisions. With structure, a lot less.

I bet I have a proportionately large frontal cortex.  And if it works like this, which I think it does, (cue other interesting neuroscience book The Brain That Changes Itself) I wonder if I embraced structure more – and spent less time deciding – what other part of my brain would be able to work more?!  Yet – I also think that it’s this flexibility that is my strength or at least makes me a good producer and goes hand in hand with a creative mind.


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  • Bean

    Great five minutes of writing! You could use a cue from Sheldon on The Big Bang , where he uses five from D&D to make all his small decisions so he could use his brain for more important things.

  • Nate S

    Having sampled some of your baking “creations” in the past, I will vouch for your large frontal cortex!

    • hilaryhess

      hahaha, thanks Nate!